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About Amerina Corp. & is an network platform aimed to become the market leader in Network based sales of infant and maternity products. Although there are many web based companies doing similar businesses, the entire baby’s market is huge and still rapidly expanding each year.

The network platform is defined as a synthetic platform of various operations include direct marketing, off-line wholesale, channel sales or pipe-lining in related industries, and most importantly E-commence platform. Early phase of the firm’s growth will focus on the first few traditional methods mentioned above, in order to reach organic growth. Once reasonable client base is acquired, and as we gained influence on our client base, it is natural to move in and invest heavily in the E-commerce channel in order to reach exponential growth.

We aren’t just another typical baby product reseller: We are a new parent store. When stocking a nursery, there’s a lot to take into account, and the choices can be overwhelming. Our goal is to make your job a whole lot easier — not by offering everything out there, but by offering the best of everything out there.

In other words, we’ve done the homework for you. Our collection includes all your must-have baby items, pre-sorted to include only the most healthy, stylish and innovative products available — from fun, bright bedding and furniture to gear, toys, baby care, cleaning products, and more.


Amerina Corp.

Amerina Corp. is a US based retailer and service provider founded by two dedicated professionals focusing on one single mission: to safeguard our products and deliver peace of mind to our clients. We offer infant and maternity products, services pertaining to prenatal health, infant care, and early childhood education. Clients we serve include end consumers, future parents, as well as merchants from local and online channels. serves as our main corporate site. It provides you with our founders’ insights on products and services we offer, consumer and industry trends, and updates on corporate short and long-term strategies. There is also information on our management, our retail websites, and our business partners.

We believe that Amerina’s disciplined, vigorous product selection and service screening process is extremely valuable for our clients and business partners to obtain peace of mind while enjoying products and services from us, in a world filled with intensifying safety and risk concerns. Our team is focused on providing superior products and innovative services across all stages of infant childhood development.

We are proud of the trust our clients have placed with Amerina, and are always dedicated to ethical and sustainable business practices. We are committed to enhance what we deliver to clients and partners who rely on us around the globe.